Vital Attributes Leading Us to Excellent Service

Myrtue is continually working to maintain an excellent culture of service. We believe that all employees, physicians and medical practitioners are team members at Myrtue Medical Center and must function together to provide excellent care to our patients. No matter what our job responsibility, each of us represents the Medical Center in the eyes of our community.

The vision of Myrtue Medical Center is to provide the best patient satisfaction along with the best quality of health care. To reach that lofty goal, we must provide very good care and service to every single customer.

In order to provide consistency in our service, a set of service values & standards has been developed by a group of employees at Myrtue. All team members are expected to practice these behaviors at all times- they are non-negotiable. These behaviors are founded on specific customer service behaviors related to the values of our organization. These behaviors will be the part of the foundation for your evaluation, promotion, rewards, and continued employment. The values are summarized below:


We believe that the first impression of Myrtue is the presentation of ourselves and our environment. Thus we assure a clean, neat organized presentation of self and environment that includes dress that is appropriate for the job we do, an identifying name tag and a smile.


We believe that each of us controls our own attitude and that what is important is not so much what happens to us, but how we choose to react to it. We believe we must recruit, retain and reward people who want to make a positive difference in people’s lives through compassionate and
courteous care.


We believe that we must all act like owners anticipating and exceeding needs of others, taking responsibility for your job and actions and representing Myrtue at all times in and out of the workplace.


We believe communication (verbal, non-verbal and telephone) is a cornerstone of good care. Therefore, we will listen to our customers, respond to their needs and messages with courtesy, clarity, timeliness and care.


We believe we must always treat each other with dignity and respect. We must treat others as we would want our family treated. Support and treat each other as professionals in each work area to work together to provide the best possible care to our each other and our customers.


We believe through teamwork we can produce better results than we would collectively produce as individuals. If we are to truly commit to excellence, we must help each other be accountable to our mission and values.