Head Cook

Dietary Department. Full-time position (36 hours per week). Works 5:30 am to 2:00 pm OR 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. Generally works four days per week one week and five days per week next week in a pay period. Works every third weekend. Rotates holidays. Prepares, seasons, and cooks meats, fish, fowl, vegetables, and soups for regular and special patient diets, cafeteria service, and special meetings. Apportions servings and performs the other related duties regarding serving, storing, and cleaning up meal service. Keeps accurate records for meal counts and diets served in accordance with prescribed diet. Performs all functions of dietary department as indicated. Serves as the supervisor when the Dietary manager and Dietitian are absent. Helps to manage inventory of food and supplies, maintaining and rotating stock. Commercial operation food service experience is required. Must have knowledge of baking, cooking, and using kitchen machines and equipment. Must be very aware and cautious of maintaining sanitary conditions. High school diploma or equivalent required and have the ability to read clearly, communicate effectively, and be able to follow oral and written directions. Must be willing to attend sanitation and modified diet in-services held in conjunction with regular staff meetings.